As a pediatrician, I came to Congress to fight for quality, affordable healthcare because I saw attacks being made on our health care system and was hearing from too many patients who were worried about the future of their care. I believe that access to healthcare and life-saving treatments should not be partisan, and I am committed to guaranteeing affordable care for every American. As a co-chair of the Health Care Task Force for the New Democratic Coalition, I am working to build on the Affordable Care Act and expand access through a public option. And as someone with Type 1 Diabetes, I have seen first-hand how the cost of prescription medications continue to rise. I will continue to work to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, so families don’t have to choose between paying for medication or paying the bills.


Visiting students at Head Start
I am the daughter of a public school teacher and the proud product of public schooling, from elementary through medical school. I believe that schools must receive proper funding and support because children should be guaranteed a good education regardless of their zip code. I understand the importance of quality early learning programs, educational equity and knows that when we support teachers, the next generation benefits too. As a member of the Committee on Education and Labor, I have the opportunity to work directly for Washington’s schools and ensure all children receive a quality, well-rounded education.


Hiking Cougar Mountain
I really enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and the 8th district has some of the most beautiful parks and recreation areas our country has to offer, including Mt. Rainier National Park. I believe that preserving these spaces for generations to come is critical for the environment, the health of all families, and Washington’s economy. I am proud to support public land and water conservation funding for areas in the 8th District like the Issaquah Creek and the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.


Families across the country are struggling to make ends meet, and wage growth has been stagnant for decades. I understand the need to protect unions, boost rural economies, and increase opportunities for job training, registered apprenticeships, and local entrepreneurship. As our economy changes, we need to equip workers with the skills they need to succeed in 21st century jobs while making sure that regulations keep pace and don’t unduly burden local businesses with rules that don’t make sense.  I also recognize the importance of protecting dignity and rights for all working Americans and I am proud to have co-sponsored a variety of legislation to protect workers’ rights.


The Social Security Act is a reflection of our American values, recognizing that seniors should never face financial insecurity or poverty after retirement. After a lifetime of work, seniors deserve a secure retirement. I understand the needs of seniors living on fixed incomes and will fight to protect the promise we’ve made to current and future retirees. I am a staunch supporter of strengthening Social Security and Medicare because these programs are an investment in all Americans’ futures. In order for seniors to retire with dignity and security, we need to ensure the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund and make sure the earned benefits seniors receive make sense with what they actually spend their money on.


Washington State is home to over 500,000 veterans, with roughly 50,000 in the 8th District. I believe that it is essential to honor the service and sacrifice of those who put their lives on the line to protect and serve the United States, and I consider this a vital part of my duties as a Member of Congress. If you dedicated your life to protecting our country, it’s our responsibility to make sure you receive the best service and care possible. I am proud to have supported a significant increase in funding to address many of the problems facing the Veterans Administration (VA) and investments to support mental health and suicide prevention programs, opioid treatment, housing, rural health care and caregiver support. Additionally, I am honored to be a Commemorative Partner for the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to recognize and thank Vietnam Veterans and their families.